Mujeres directivas de América Latina


Grant Thornton Perú y la Cámara de Comercio Suiza en el Perú tienen el agrado de invitarlo al Sem

El pasado 31 de diciembre se publicó el Decreto Legislativo No. 1312, el cual modificó aspectos importantes en materia de precios de transferencia.

Global reach supports global acquisitions

In 2004 Voxx International Corporation took the very bold strategic decision to sell their cellular division – responsible at the time for US$1.1 billion of the group’s US$1.6 billion revenue. Since then, with help from Grant Thornton firms in seven countries, the business has made ten acquisitions driving revenues to over US$835 million in fiscal 2013.

“We utilise Grant Thornton right across the board, making the most of their international expertise as a sounding board to bounce ideas off. I don’t think there’s a Grant Thornton service that we haven’t used.”

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